Fisofo Store

Fisofo Store is a direct distributor of branded products each are precisely quality checked and brand verified before being processed.


Fisofo Store understands the need to deliver the products ordered by a customer within time.

Continuous Support

Proper tracking codes are provided to track the package and our support are available for any concerns of the customers.

Insterested in Reselling ?

If you are interested in reselling branded products to get a wholesale margin profit, contact us. We could arrange a deal for you.

About Fisofo Store

Fisofo Store is a distributor industry that deals with the distribution of branded products at wholesale price. Fisofo Store ensures that the products reach target customers in the most direct and cost-efficient manner. Products are distributed in a mass market as the marketer seeks out intermediaries that appeal to a broad market base. The licensed products are distributed through a wide variety of outlets, for example, in supermarkets and cafeteria. This enables ease of access as the customers are reached directly and in the most effective and efficient way. Trust and confidence are established between the clients and the distributors.

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Fisofo Store’s Categories

As huge Distributors, Fisofo Store has an established and stable relationship with an existing customer base of resellers and retailers. This increases the customer base as the customers will feel comfortable relating to the distributors.We have huge category base of almost all the products.

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Multi Payment Methods

We have multiple payment solutions for our one-time or continuous customers.


Unlike other distributors, Fisofo Store has only experienced faculty members to verify and process the products.


We do provide various discounts for ranging customers according to their product and quantity consumption base.