About Us

About Fisofo Store

Fisofo Store is a distributor industry that deals with the distribution of branded products. This company ensures that the products reach target customers in the most direct and cost-efficient manner. Products are distributed in a mass market as the marketer seeks out intermediaries that appeal to a broad market base. The branded products are distributed through a wide variety of outlets, for example, in supermarkets and cafeteria. This enables ease of access as the customers are reached directly and in the most effective and efficient way. Trust and confidence are established between the clients and the distributors.

Advantages of Fisofo Store

Fisofo Store Distributors have an established and stable relationship with an existing customer base of resellers and retailers. This increases the customer base as the customers will feel comfortable relating to the distributors. Once new products arrive in the company, the distributors get hold of the products and can quickly promote them to their customers. This increases the sales of the company as there will be more customers. In scenarios where the new product has exceeded the customer’s expectation, the customers can, in turn, refer new clients to the company. This helps in customer retention and acquiring of new customers. It also helps in achieving customer satisfaction.

Experience of Fisofo Store

Customer satisfaction is the core value of Fisofo Store. It aims at establishing a good relationship with its customers in order to build trust and confidence. The goods are packed and sealed and a packaging officer confirms the quantity if it matches what the customer originally wanted. In case of any spoil good during delivery, the company replaces them to the customers at no charge. Support staff has also been put in place in order to take care of the complaints or concerns that the customers might have. In order to do away with counterfeit products, the company has the same trademark in all their products making it hard for the fraudsters to sell counterfeit products.